Fabrication of palladium modified zinc oxide nanorods (Pd-ZnO NRs) for electrochemical detection of mebendazole

Babu, Suresh ; Narayanan, V


Developing an efficient elctrocalayst for mebendazole (MEBDZ) sensing has been crucial for enhancing the construction of biosensors. Herein, palladium modified zinc oxide nanorods (Pd-ZnO NRs) have been synthesized by facile hydrothermal method for MEBDZ sensing. The FE-SEM and HR-TEM measurements have shown that Pd is dispersed on ZnO rods. The crystal structures of the Pd-ZnO have been revealed by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD). The strategy of modifying ZnO rods by Pd is promising, for fabricating towards MEBDZ sensors applications with its electrocatalytic activities. The differential pulse voltammetry has been used, method for the electroanalytical determination of MEBDZ. Under the optimal conditions, the Pd-ZnO NRs modified electrode has shown a wide linear response to the concentration of MEBDZ with a low noticeable detection limit. The as-prepared samples have shown an excellent electrochemical activity towards the electro-oxidation of MEBDZ leading to a significant improvement in sensitivity as compared to the bare glassy carbon electrode.


Electrocatalyst; Hydrothermal method; Mebendazole sensor; Pd-ZnO nanorods

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