Selective flocculation of low grade iron ore slimes using different types of polymers

kumar, rakesh ; Mandre, N R


A study on selective flocculation of low grade iron ore slimes employing carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and starch as flocculants and sodiumhexameta phosphate (SHMP) as dispersant has been carried out. The mineralogical studies reveal that the presence of hematite and goethite as major iron bearing phase. Quartz and kaolinite are found to be gangue minerals. The experiments carried out indicate that the Fe grade is enhanced from 58.24% to 65.32% Fe using starch as flocculant. A Fe grade of 63.44% is obtained using CMC as flocculant. Further, the efficacy of the studies was analysed using separation index, which indicate that the higher separation index was obtained with the tests employing starch.


Beneficiation; CMC; Iron ore slimes; Selective flocculation; Starch

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