Vol 23, No 6 (2016)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over potassium-promoted Co-Fe/SiO2 catalyst PDF
Atashi, Hossein ; Mansouri, Mohsen 453-461
A green and facile synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its application in the reduction and photodegradation of organic compounds PDF
Ahmaruzzaman, Md ; Sinha, Tanur ; Bhattacharjee, Archita 462-468
Internal pressure, excess internal pressure and pseudo-Gruneisen parameter of binary systems from associated and non-associated models PDF
Shukla, R K 469-477
Layered double hydroxides intercalated by long chain anions as oil phase gelling agent PDF
Treatment of rice grain based biodigester distillery effluent (BDE) using inorganic coagulants PDF
Prajapati, Abhinesh Kumar 491-496
An eco-friendly non-conventional adsorbent from silk cotton fiber for the removal of methylene blue dye PDF
S, Tamilselvi ; M, Asaithambi ; Ponnusamy, Sivakumar 497-505
Adsorptive removal of acid orange 7 from industrial effluents using activated carbon and conducting polymer composite – A comparative study PDF
uday, supriya ; samy, Palani 506-512
Visible-light induced photocatalytic mineralization of methylene green dye using BaCrO4 photocatalyst PDF
Solanki, Vijendra Singh 513-519
Antibacterial activity of biostabilized silver nanoparticles PDF
Chakraborty, Mousumi 520-526
Column mode removal of copper through physically entrapped algal bioadsorbents PDF
Shukla, Satya Prakash; Ranjith,, L. 527-532
Oxidation behviour of sol-gel zirconia coated 9Cr-1Mo ferritic steel in air atmosphere PDF
Singh, Indra Bhushan 533-537


Detection of nitrification in amine modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes by TOF-SIMS ion imaging PDF
Karar, N 478-484

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