Vol 25, No 4 (2018)

Indian Jouranl of Chemical Technolgy

Table of Contents


Decolourization of dye wastewater by microbial methods- A review PDF
Parmar, Neha D; Shukla, Sanjeev R 315-323
Ultrasound-assisted removal of brilliant green from aqueous solution using banana and jackfruit peels PDF
Mandavgane, Sachin A; Pathak, Pranav Deepak; Singh, Paradeep 324-335
Production and characterization of pyrolysis oil using waste polyethylene in a semi batch reactor PDF
Pramanik, Hiralal ; Gaurh, Pramendra 336-344
Removal of nitrites from waste waters using adsorbents derived from Phyllanthus Neruri plant PDF
Kunta, Ravindhranath ; Mekala, Suneetha 345-352
Application of pressure swing adsorption technology combined with 13X molecular sieves for the regenerative air cleaning systems with a dimethyl sulfide as a contaminant PDF
Sridara, Chandra Shekar 353-360
Release of chrome in leather production with less chrome tannage and less chrome retannage PDF
jian, zhou 361-367
Extraction of metals from spent lithium ion batteries– Role of acid, reductant and process intensification in recycling PDF
Meshram, Pratima ; Abhilash, Abhilash ; Pandey, Banshi Dhar; Mankhand, Tilak Raj; Deveci, Haci 368-375
Fast and efficient removal of Acid Brown 214 from aqueous media by adsorption onto fluorene functionalized nanoporous SBA-15 PDF
Dehghan Abkenar, Shiva 376-382
Microwave assisted green synthesis of ZnO nanorods for dye sensitized solar cell application PDF
Naresh kumar, P ; Sakthivel, K ; Balasubramanian, V ; Sengottaiyan, D ; Suresh, J 383-389
Synthesis of salicylate esters over cordierite honeycomb monoliths coated with zirconia based solid acids in vapour phase PDF
Shamshuddin, Mohamed sz 390-395
Surface studies of a 2400-year old corrosion resistant ancient Indian Iron Artifact PDF
Singh, Sukhvir 396-399

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