Genetic diversity and marker trait association for yellow mosaic virus disease in green gram, Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek

Jeevitha, S ; Bharathi, J Kanmani; Saravanan, K R; Prakash, M ; Murugan, S ; Anandan, R


Yellow mosaic virus (YMV) disease is known to cause severe damage in green gram in terms of yield loss. As the resistance is often governed by recessive genes, introgression of such resistance faces some difficulty. DNA molecular markers are reported to be effective in this process. However, validation of such markers is important. Here, we have made an attempt to validate DNA markers associated with YMV disease resistance gene from a diverse group of 26 green gram genotypes. A total of 19 molecular markers were used to assess the susceptibility or resistance against YMV disease. Results show that among the amplified 31 alleles, 21 were polymorphic, with a mean of 1.1.0 per locus. The polymorphism information content (PIC) values ranged from 0.32 to 0.80. Only five markers exhibited higher PIC value (>6.0) and were revealed to be polymorphic, suggesting its utility in marker assisted selection for breeding YMV resistant genotypes in greengram. Dice dissimilarity coefficient among the genotypes exhibited a range of 0.07 to 1.0 which show a wide genetic variation among the genotypes for YMV tolerance. Neighbor-joining cluster analysis has grouped 26 green gram genotypes into 4 main clusters which revealed the existence of genetic dissimilarities among the genotypes. The genotypes AUGG 6, VBN (Gg) 2 and CO (Gg) 8 carried the positive alleles for YMV disease resistance and the allele for susceptibility were found in the genotypes AUGG 12, AUGG 15, AUGG 17 and AUGG 19. Single marker analysis indicated that there was correlation between the markers and the disease reaction in the field with exceptions. The findings revealed that the SSR markers CEDG180 and YR4 could be used to screen germplasm in order to discriminate the YMV resistant genotypes from the susceptible genotypes in marker assisted selection.


Biotic stress; Mungbean; Polymorphism information content; YMV tolerance

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