Vol 60, No 07 (2022)

IJEB [JULY 2022]

Table of Contents


Root dynamics and drought stress management in plants — Overview PDF
Prakash, M ; Sunilkumar, B ; Bharathi, J Kanmani; Viswanathan, C 449-455


Ameliorating drought stress in sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) using biostimulants PDF
Raju, Gomathi ; Sailaja, Nori Sri; Krishnapriya, Vengavasi ; Prakash, M 456-462
Efficiency of honeycomb selection design in early segregating generation in ADT45 × Nona Bokra cross under salt stress PDF
Yoglakshmi, C ; Pearl, Rajan Isha; Fasoula, Vasilia A; Karthick, J ; Thirumeni, S 463-470
Screening for seedling stage salinity tolerance and comparative transcriptome analysis in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) PDF
Roshni, A Mary; Saravanan, K R; Harikrishnan, M ; Anandan, R ; Prakash, M 471-480
Genetic diversity and marker trait association for yellow mosaic virus disease in green gram, Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek PDF
Jeevitha, S ; Bharathi, J Kanmani; Saravanan, K R; Prakash, M ; Murugan, S ; Anandan, R 481-489
Validating the physiological potential of zero monopodial compact cotton TCH 1819 culture by chemical manipulation PDF
Rakavi, B ; Jeyakumar, P ; Chandrasekhar, C N; Vijayalakshmi, D ; Kumar, M ; Arul, L ; Boopathi, N Manikanda 490-497
Determination of resource mobilization during seedling growth of palmyra palm, Borassus flabellifer L. PDF
Ragul, R ; Esakkimuthu, K ; Ravichandran, P 498-509
Evaluation of arjunolic acid against Brucella melitenis and in vitro cytotoxic study of lung adenocarcinomic cell line (A549) PDF
Yasasve, M ; Kumaran, P Muthu; Manoj, D ; Kanmani, M ; Ramesh, A Sai 510-513
Clinical significance of circulating tumor cells testing in auxiliary diagnosis ofgastrointestinal cancer PDF
Zhaoxia, Wang ; Lei, Zhang 514-520
Forkhead box A1 expression in thyroid carcinoma based on bioinformatics andclinical significance PDF
Wang, Jinglu 521-526
Diagnostic values of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio and Tei index for congenitalheart disease-associated pulmonary arterial hypertension in children PDF
Yang, Jiao ; Sun, Yan ; Xue, Li ; Zhang, Hongju ; Liu, Guowen ; Xu, Liyuan ; Xue, Li 527-532
Application value of monitoring of percutaneous partial pressure of carbon dioxide/oxygen for patients in ICU after general anesthesia PDF
Zhang, Juan ; Luo, Huilin ; Yang, Yunyun ; Zhang, Jie 533-537
Effectiveness and safety of vancomycin powder injection locally applied in theprevention of prosthetic joint infection PDF
Wu, Xiaoshu ; Gu, Qiangrong 538-542
Effects of pre-injection of pressors on pressor response and bispectral index of patients receiving lower abdominal surgery under total intravenous anesthesia PDF
Zhu, Zhong Quan; Zhao, Dong ; Lan, Zhi Jian; Wang, Li Ping; Chai, Hua 543-548


Protective effect of ivabradine on mice with viral myocarditis and its mechanism PDF
Zhao, Yi ; Zhang, Li ; Ren, Shijia ; Liu, Wenhua ; Hu, Panxin 549-556
Protective effect of breviscapine on acute lung injury in rats with infectious shock PDF
Zhou, Bo ; Huang, Yicong ; Chen, Yuxiang ; Yu, Fei ; Wang, Quanzhen ; Zhang, Jian ; Zhou, Zhegang ; Meng, Fanbin ; Peng, Yanbin 557-562
ERCC5 abnormal expression influences the biological behaviour of ovarian cancer by Wnt pathway PDF
Gao, Yue ; Liu, Qiong Na; Jia, Yuan Yuan 563-567

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (IJEB)