Variations in palpal ornamentation of Anopheles fluviatilis species T and U (Diptera: Culicidae) and their taxonomic consequence

Sharma, Gunjan ; Lather, Manila ; Singh, Om P


Anopheles fluviatilis sensu lato James is a highly efficient malaria vector in Indian subcontinent and Iran which is comprised of at least four sibling species provisionally designated as species S, T, U and V. An important morphological characteristic for differentiation of this species complex from other closely related anopheline species complex, the Minimus Complex, is the ratio of length of subapical pale band to dark band intervening apical and subapical pale bands on the maxillary palps of female mosquito. Here, we report variation in the subapical pale band in An. fluviatilis, especially in species U, to the extent that palps of some specimens resemble members of Minimus Complex, inferring that palpal ornamentation may not be reliable characteristics for identification of An. fluviatilis. Taxonomic consequence of such variation is discussed


Anopheles minimus, Fluviatilis Complex, hypomelanism, malaria vectors, Minimus Complex, mosquitoes, Vector control

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