Standardization of 1- and 2-D protein profiling of Haloxylonspecies:
Basis of proteome analysis of haloxerophytes

Goswami, Deepmala ; Dagla, Harchand R


One and two dimensional electrophoresis is a powerful technique for separation of proteins from complex biological sources. These are effective techniques of gene expression analysis at translational level especially for the species of which genome is not yet sequenced. High resolution electrophoresis separation of proteins from complex biological systems is crucial in protein science. Three protein extraction methods, such as Phenol, Multi detergent and TCA acetone were analyzed in the present investigation to find out appropriate protein extraction method amenable to one dimensional (1-D) and two dimensional (2-D) protein profiling of Haloxylonrecurvumand H. salicornicum. Plant species selected for the present investigation are major components of saline and arid ecosystem and valuable source of food additives, nutritional ingredients, herbal medicines and fuel in the region. Phenolic components present in these plants are major hindrances for extraction of pure proteins. High concentrations of good quality proteins represented by clear, intense and more bands/spots in 1-D and
2-D gels were extracted with Phenol extraction method in comparison to TCA acetone and Multi detergent methods. This is possibly thefirst report on extraction and purification of proteins amenable to 1-D and 2-D proteome profiling of Haloxylon species of Indian arid zone, and forms a basis for further comparative proteome analysis of these two contrasting species with respect to salinity and drought tolerant ability for prospects.


Food additives, Khar, Phenolic components, Protein extraction, Proteome analysis

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