Low-stress mechanical properties of weft knitted fabrics produced from regular and compact cotton spun yarns

Farid, Afrose Fathima; Roshanara; Subramaniam, V


The effect of compact yarn on downstream process such as knitting has been studied. Weft knitted fabrics such as single jersey, single lacoste, double lacoste, honeycomb, popcorn, rib and interlock fabrics have been produced from regular and compact cotton spun yarns. These fabrics after dyeing and starfish relaxation treatment are investigated by Kawabata evaluation system for their low-stress mechanical properties. The results show that in a few cases the differences between regular fabric properties and the compact fabric properties are quite significant, while marginal in other cases. However, the surface roughness values show some interesting features.


Compact yarns; Cotton; Honeycomb fabric; Interlock fabric; Lacoste fabric; Low-stress mechanical properties; Single jersey fabric; Weft knitted fabrics

Compact yarns, Kawabata evaluation system, Weft knitted fabrics

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