Vol 42, No 4 (2017)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

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Analytical model to study a new design concept for providing comfort in hot arid climate

Bal, Kaushik ; Hes, Lubos ; Bajzik, Vladimir 379-385

Properties of viscose air-jet spun plied yarns

Eldeeb, Moaz ; Moučková, Eva ; Ursíny, Petr 386-390

Effect of dielectric barrier discharge parameters on properties of mulberry silk fibre

Navik, Rahul ; Dalvi, Ajit ; Sanas, Payal ; Karande, Shivraj ; Cai, Yingjie 391-398

Compressional behavior of Persian hand knotted wool carpets using response surface methodology

Gupta, Shravan Kumar; Majumdar, Abhijit ; Goswami, Kamal Kanti 399-406
Novel device for evaluating sweat evaporation characteristics of woven and knitted fabrics PDF
Raja, D ; Senthilkumar, M ; Mani, K 407-412

Impact of abrasion on mass loss and appearance of injected slub yarn fabrics

Mukhopadhyay, Arunangshu ; Midha, Vinay Kumar; Ray, Nemai Chandra 413-419

Prediction of Poisson’s ratio of worsted woven fabrics considering fabric extension in various directions

Ezazshahabi, Nazanin ; Hosseini Varkiyani, Seyyed Mohammad ; Saharkhiz, Siamak 420-425

Low-stress mechanical properties of weft knitted fabrics produced from regular and compact cotton spun yarns

Farid, Afrose Fathima; Roshanara; Subramaniam, V 426-430

Geometrical modeling for bi-axial weft knitted fabrics based on rib structure

Abghary, Mohammad Javad; Hasani, Hossein ; Jafari Nedoushan, Reza 431-438
Improved performance of woven substrates in needle-punched nonwoven filters using needles with modified cross-section PDF
Nan, Zhang ; Qin-fei, Ke ; Chen, Huang ; Xiang-yu, Jin 439-444

Examination of liquid management of sub-compression wadding for chronic venous disorders

Kumar, B ; Das, A ; Alagirusamy, R ; Singh, J 445-452

Development of breathable and liquid/microbes barrier woven surgical gowns for hospital usage

Krishnasamy, Jagatheesan ; Senthilkumar, T ; Neelakandan, R 453-464

Antimicrobial treatment of silk with silver nanoparticles using acrylic binder

Nadiger, Vinay Guddo; Shukla, Sanjeev R 465-473

Use of amorphous TiO2 deposited on cotton by sol-gel process for de-colorization of direct dye solutions in presence of UV radiation

Goel, Abhishek ; Osta, Shashank ; Mishra, Anu ; Butola, Bhupendra Singh 474-479

Preparation and characterisation of Nylon/PEG/PAN composite membrane for liquid filtration

Nallathambi, Gobi ; Abinaya, M ; Ragavee, S ; Sivaranjini, R ; ArunKarthick, S ; Nisha, S ; Devi, S 480-487

Moisture management characteristics of knitted casein fabric

Rathinamoorthy, R 488-494
Synthesis of core-shell fluorine-silicon containing polyacrylate latexes for water and oil repellent finishing of cotton fabric PDF
Fan, Zenglu ; Li, Qing ; Cai, Xinbin ; Xiao, Qianqian ; Zhang, Long 495-501

Short Communication

Dynamic analysis of a warp-knitting machine with pneumatic drive for producing 3D knitted fabrics

Michalak, Andrzej ; Kuchar, Maciej ; Mikołajczyk, Zbigniew 502-505

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