Properties of viscose air-jet spun plied yarns

Eldeeb, Moaz ; Moučková, Eva ; Ursíny, Petr


Effect of ply twist, its direction and number of plies on air-jet plied yarn properties has been studied. It is found that when air-jet yarns are plied in a direction which is similar to single yarn wrapper fibre twist direction, the yarn irregularity, imperfections and hairiness improve, while plying in the opposite direction of the single yarn wrapper fibres reduces twist liveliness and improves yarn tenacity. Regarding the effect of ply twist, by increasing ply twist, the yarn abrasion resistance and hairiness improve, while tenacity improves to an optimum level and then deteriorates. This optimum twist level varies according to ply yarn twist direction. Three plied yarns are better than two plied yarns in terms of tenacity and breaking elongation. This confirms that three plied yarn has better evenness than two plied yarn. Considering yarn tenacity, air-jet yarns should be twisted in opposite direction of their single yarn twist direction.


Air-jet spinning; Plied yarn; Yarn twist; Viscose fibre

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