Geometrical modeling for bi-axial weft knitted fabrics based on rib structure

Abghary, Mohammad Javad; Hasani, Hossein ; Jafari Nedoushan, Reza


This study proposes a 3D geometrical model for biaxial weft knitted fabrics based on rib structure. Using modification of 3D plain loop to simplify the connection of back and face loops, unit-cell of a 1x1 rib structure is obtained. The warp and weft yarns can be drawn through this structure using Python scripting in Abaqus software. To verify the proposed geometrical model, the biaxial weft knitted fabric based on rib structure has been produced from polyester yarn on a modern flat knitting machine. Fabric is subjected to tensile loading in warp, weft and bias directions according to standard methods. Using a FEM software, tensile behavior of fabrics is numerically simulated. The results show that the geometrical model can successfully predict the tensile behavior of the biaxial weft knitted fabric.


Biaxial weft knitted fabrics; Geometrical model; Numerical simulation; Tensile behaviour

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