Dynamic analysis of a warp-knitting machine with pneumatic drive for producing 3D knitted fabrics

Michalak, Andrzej ; Kuchar, Maciej ; Mikołajczyk, Zbigniew


The paper reports the construction of a warp-knitting machine for spatial knitted fabrics and a dynamic model of its basic working unit – the arrangement of a whip roller and a slider with a guide needle bar. The concept of the machine is based on a positive feeding of the knitting zone, with a little correction from the warp tension, and a rectilinear movement of the guide needle bars by using pneumatic drive. The paper also presents the results of dynamic analysis of the system movement. The influence of the dynamic parameters of the whip roller on the possibility of executing a work cycle with a certain efficiency has been determined. Dynamic load of the warp thread during the cycle is also tested. For the analyzed structure of the machine it has been established that the duration of a single cycle cannot be shorter than 0.2 s.


Dynamic model; Pneumatic cylinder; Spatial (3D) knitted fabric; Warp beam; Warp knitting machine; Whip roller

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