Quality testing of staple yarn by an instrument with dual sensing and its comparative study with capacitive sensing

Roy, Subhasish ; Sengupta, Anindita ; Sengupta, Surajit


An instrument employing both image processing and optical sensing in a single run has been developed to evaluate yarn quality parameters such as irregularity, imperfections and hairiness. Dedicated software, inbuilt within the system, is also developed, which measures the attributes from both the sensors, and a best fit representation is made. The irregularity and imperfections obtained from proposed instrument are compared with those obtained from universally accepted capacitive sensing Uster tester, whereas hairs/meter are compared with Zweigle tester. The cotton, cotton-polyester blended and jute yarns have been tested in all the systems. The repeatability and reliability of results in both image processing and optical sensing are found insignificant in 5% confidence level. It is observed that the yarns with diameter value up to 0.65 mm can be evaluated by optical sensor, but above this threshold, image processing may be done successfully. Uster tester result mostly corroborates with image processing. Optical sensor shows higher values than image processing.


Capacitive sensing;Cotton;Cotton- polyester yarn;Dual sensing instrument;Image processing;Jute;Optical sensing;Yarn hairiness;Yarn imperfection;Yarn irregularity

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