Predicting behavior of needled geotextile materials made of recycled polyester fibres up to yield point

Stepanovic, Jovan M; Stepanovic, Jovan ; Stojiljković, Dragan ; Đorđić, Dragan


The paper reports the results of the analysis of mechanical properties of nonwoven geotextile material from recycled polyester fibres of areal density 150, 200, 250, 300 and 500 g/m2. Also, the limits to yield point of needled geotextile materials, which define the permissible loads of geotextiles, are determined. Using mechanical models (model of Lethersich) and experimental results, the behavior of needled geotextiles made of recycled polyester fibres in the region up to the yield point can be described. The proposed method and the results can be used to predict the acceptable loads that nonwoven geotextile materials made from recycled polyester fibres can be subjected to exploitation with application.


Geotextiles;Limit of elasticity;Recycled polyester;Nonwoven;Needle punching

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