Impact of abrasion on mass loss and appearance of injected slub yarn fabrics

Mukhopadhyay, Arunangshu ; Midha, Vinay Kumar; Ray, Nemai Chandra


Effect of different slub parameters, viz. slub length, slub thickness and slub frequency, on abrasive damage of knitted fabric has been studied. Abrasive damage has been assessed by two ways, namely using loss in fabric mass and deterioration of fabric appearance due to abrasion. The effect of slub parameters, viz. slub length, its thickness and frequency in the injected slub yarn on mass loss of fabric due to abrasion is found to be different than consequent damage in surface appearance. It is observed that the visual effect of abrasion damage of fabric surface appearance is entirely opposite to that of conventional method of measuring abrasion damage in terms of fabric mass loss. In case of slub yarn fabrics, it is possible to have higher damage in surface appearance but lower mass loss of fabric and vice versa due to abrasion.


Abrasion damage; Coefficient of concordance; Cotton fibre; Injected slub yarn; Ranking method

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