A Novel Approach in Pigment Printing Using Nano-keratin Based Binder

Taleb, M Abou; Haggag, K ; Mostafa, Tahia B; El-Kheir, A Abou; El-Sayed, H


This study is devoted to preparation and characterization of nano-keratin based binder (NKBB) from cheap renewable natural resources, namely coarse Egyptian wool or feather. The prepared NKBB is utilized as a biodegradable, environment-friendly and relatively cheap binder in textile pigment printing of polyester, pure polyacrylic, viscose, polyester/viscose, and polyester/acrylic fabrics. Different concentrations of the prepared NKBB as well as its mixture with commercially produced one are used in the pigment printing paste. The colour strength of the printed fabrics as well as their fastness properties to light, washing, and perspiration are evaluated. The effect of the used binder on the bending stiffness of the printed fabrics is also assessed. Results show that the NKBB gives almost the same colour strength and fastness properties as the commercial binder with improved stiffness of the printed samples in relation to that printed with commercial one.


Acrylic; Binder; Nano-keratin; Poultry feather; Polyester; Pigment printing; Viscose; Wool

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