Impact of biaxial square woven jute fabric reinforcement on mechanical performance of polyester-based composites

Sezgin, Hande ; Enis, Ipek Yelcin; Berkalp, Omer Berk


In this study, 4, 6 and 8 plied biaxial square woven jute fabric reinforced polyester composites have been fabricated by the compression molding technique. The physical properties (void fraction, fibre/volume and fibre/weight ratios) and mechanical properties (tensile, flexural and impact strength) of the composites are investigated. According to the physical evaluation test results, the highest void content is calculated for 8 plied composites (11%), where the fibre volume ratio (41.7%) and weight ratio (46.4%) are also maximum. The mechanical test results show that with the increase in jute fabric plies from four to eight, tensile strength, flexural stress and impact resistance improve by 25%, 100% and 340% respectively.


Biaxial woven fabric;Composite;Compression molding;Jute fibre;Mechanical testing;Polyester,;woven fabric

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