Influence of ring frame process parameters on yarn structure and fabric assistance

Ishtiaque, Saiyed M; Ghosh, Dipanjan ; Yadav, Vijay K


An attempt has been made to study the influence of ring frame parameters i.e. yarn twist multiplies, spindle speed and ring frame draft on yarn characteristics to exploit the translation of yarn structures into the fabric assistance. Understanding the relationship between yarn structure and fabric strength helps in engineering the yarn structure to improve the strength translation of yarns to fabric strength. Accordingly, study on fabric strength in weft/warp direction per yarn, weft/ warp break force inside fabric, weft/warp pull-out force and yarn failure zone length are also carried out. Yarn structure is found to affect the fabric thickness and fabric tensile behaviour. The yarn diameter has a direct effect on the yarn pull out force. The yarn structure also plays a dominant role in deciding the yarn failure zone length.


Fabric assistance;Fabric strength;Yarn diameter;Yarn packing density;Yarn radial packing density;
Yarn structure

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