Modified cotton fabrics for improved ultraviolet protection performance and reactive dyeing property

He, Shuai ; Feng, Yajuan ; Zhang, Fengxiu ; Zhong, Ling ; Zhang, Guangxian


Reactive quaternary ammonium cationic compound, [2,3-epoxypropyl-1-methy imidazole ammonium chloride (EPMI)] has been synthesized with 1-methylimidazole and epoxy chloropropane to improve the dyeing property of cotton fabrics and the cationic cotton fabrics combined Fe3+ to obtain UV protective property. The dye fixation (F%) of three reactive dyes is found to be 84.5-89.7% on modified cotton fabrics. Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) value of modified cotton fabric is increased to 137.47 from 7.57 of untreated cotton fabric. The breaking strength of modified cotton fabrics is well retained. The hue (h) of dyed samples before and after modification shows a little change. The UPF of modified cotton fabric shows excellent durability. After 50 laundering cycles, the UPF values decrease to 12.47%. Scanning electron microscopy observations and XRD patterns show that the modified cotton fibres are left nearly undamaged by the modification. The FTIR spectra suggest that the EPMI and Fe3+ are combined on the cotton fibres.


Cotton;Dyeing;Quaternary ammonium cationic compound;1-Methylimidazole;UV protection property

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