Vol 43, No 4 (2018)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

Table of Contents


Comparative assessment of Eli-Twist and TFO yarns PDF
Regar, Madan Lal; Sinha, S K; Chattopadhyay, R 393-401
Design and development of an instrument for testing electrical insulation of technical textiles PDF
Sengupta, Anindita ; Debnath, Sanjoy ; Sengupta, Surajit 402-409
Comparison of fibre migration in different yarn bodies PDF
Yang, Jing ; Xu, Bojun ; Xie, Chunping ; Liu, Xinjin 410-414
Designing terry fabric for improved serviceability PDF
Singh, J P; Behera, B K 415-420
Transmittance behaviour of curtain fabrics under natural lighting conditions PDF
Kumar, S Suresh; Midha, Vinay Kumar; Kumari, Alpa ; Gupta, Upma ; Singla, Shruti 421-425
Influence of manufacturing parameters of knitted compression fabric on interface pressure PDF
Barhoumi, H ; Marzougui, S ; Ben Abdessalem, S 426-433
Effect of quenching process on mechanical properties of flax/polypropylene composites PDF
Dhanakodi, A K P ; Giri Dev, V R 434-440
Optimization of antimicrobial finishing on cotton muslin fabric by treatment with PEG, chitosan and cetrimide PDF
Mukhopadhyay, Asis ; Samanta, Ashis Kumar; Kar, Tapas Ranjan 441-449
Modified cotton fabrics for improved ultraviolet protection performance and reactive dyeing property PDF
He, Shuai ; Feng, Yajuan ; Zhang, Fengxiu ; Zhong, Ling ; Zhang, Guangxian 450-456
Flame retardant coating on cotton fabric with phosphorus containing polymeric film by admicellar polymerization PDF
Shubha; Dahiya, J B 457-463
Turmeric dyeing and chitosan/titanium dioxide nanoparticle colloid finishing of cotton fabric PDF
Al Sarhan, T Mo; Salem, A A 464-473
Effects of alkyl chain length of acrylates on sizing properties of grafted feather keratin
Li, Manli ; Jin, Enqi ; Xi, Bojun ; Lian, Yaoyao 474-482
A new approach to evaluate antibacterial activity of textile materials using image processing technique PDF
Shams-Nateri, A ; Piri, N ; Mokhtari, J 483-487
Simultaneous in situ synthesis of nanosilver and dyeing of polyamide 6 fabric PDF
Babaahmadi, Vahid ; Montazer, Majid ; Ghanbarafjeh, Mansoureh ; Samadi, Nasrin 488-494

Short Communication

Effect of diagonal path on the physical properties of compact and conventional ring yarn PDF
Rajwin, A Jebastin; Prakash, C ; Vimal, J Thanikai 495-498
Effect of retwisting parameters of splicing on the retained splice strength
Berlin Jinu, C K ; Thangamani, K 499-503
Node analysis of digital drapemeter PDF
Ukey, Pravin H; Kadole, P V 504-506

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR)