Flame retardant coating on cotton fabric with phosphorus containing polymeric film by admicellar polymerization

Shubha; Dahiya, J B


In this study, 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine monomer has been polymerized using azobis-isobutyronitrileinitiator on the surface of cotton fabric by admicellar polymerization with the assistance of anionic surfactant(dodecylbenzenesulphonic acid sodium salt) along with NaCl as electrolyte. The polymeric film formed on cotton surfacehas been characterized by FTIR and SEM. FTIR spectrum shows additional bands at 1720 cm-1 (C=O str.), 1258 cm-1(P=O str.) and 1078 cm-1 (P ̶ O ̶ C str.) of phosphorus based polymer formed on cotton fabric. Thermal behaviour innitrogen atmosphere is also studied which shows that onset temperature of degradation of treated cotton fabric decreases by37 ºC and char yield increases by 21.7% at 600 ºC. The burning behaviour of treated cotton fabric is investigated by 45º autoflammability and limiting oxygen index tests. The pure cotton fabric burns the entire length of 15 cm sample in 11.8 s buttreated cotton fabric self-extinguishes in auto flammability test. The durability of treated cotton fabric has also been studiedup to two home launderings.


Admicellar polymerization;Anionic surfactant;Cotton fabric;Flame retardancy;Phosphorous based polymer

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