Effect of spinning process parameters on mélange yarn quality by Taguchi experimental design

Ray, SUCHIBRATA ; Ghosh, Anindya ; Banerjee, Debamalya


The important yarn quality parameters, like evenness, imperfection, hairiness, strength and breaking elongation percentage, of blow-room blended cotton mélange yarn have been studied using Taguchi experimental design. The impacts of process parameters, such as shade depth (%), twist multiplier and ring frame spindle speed, have been studied in presence of two unavoidable and uncontrolled noise parameters. The experimental results show that the mélange yarn quality parameters are significantly affected by shade depth and ring frame spindle speed. A ranking of the three controlled parameters and the percentage contribution of each of these parameters have also been evaluated. The shade depth is found most dominating factor affecting cotton mélange yarn quality. The set of optimum parameters that correspond to the highest S/N ratio of evenness, imperfections, hairiness, strength and breaking elongation percentage have also been determined.


Cotton fibre;Mélange yarn;Shade depth;S/N ratio;Twist multiplier;Yarn imperfection

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