Elastic characteristics of hand-tufted carpets under compressive load

Daulta, Alok ; Varshney, Rajeev


This paper reports the study on dynamic-mechanical properties of nine hand-tufted cut pile carpet samples (80/20wool/nylon blended pile yarn) with different structural parameters. The influence of two structural parameters, viz. carpetpile density and pile height on the carpet pile deformation properties has been studied. Carpet samples are tested forcompression and thickness recovery, considering pressure ranging from 2 kPa to 200 kPa. The findings are statisticallyanalyzed using general linear model through regression analysis. It is observed that both these structural parameters have asignificant influence on compression and recovery properties of selected carpet samples.


Compression property;Cut pile, Recovery property;Resilience;Tufted carpets;Wool/nylon blend

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