Effect of quenching process on mechanical properties of flax/polypropylene composites

Dhanakodi, A K P ; Giri Dev, V R


Flax/polypropylene needle - punched nonwovens (550 g /m2) have been produced and then used as a preform for theproduction of composites. In this study, better infiltration of polypropylene melt into the flax fibres has been achieved byaltering the crystal structure of polypropylene in the preform. A modified sequence of production of composites is alsoproposed. The proposed method yields composite with 25, 98 and, 91% improvement in tensile, flexural and short beamstrength properties as compared to the conventional method of manufacturing.


Composite;Crystal structure;Flax, Needle - punched nonwoven;Polypropylene;Quenching process

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