Influence of manufacturing parameters of knitted compression fabric on interface pressure

Barhoumi, H ; Marzougui, S ; Ben Abdessalem, S


The influence of various parameters, such as knitted structure, elastane percentage, elastane yarn count and stitch length,on the interface pressure generated by compression knitted garment has been studied. An experimental device has beendeveloped to measure interface pressure by using a FlexiForce® sensor. The obtained result shows that the pressuregenerated by compression garment depends on the considered parameters. It is observed that plain knitted fabric causes highpressures on leg, generating a high value of interface pressure. Moreover, the increase in elastane percentage and elastaneyarn count cause an increase in interface pressure. Contrariwise, the increase in stitch length generates a decrease ininterface pressure. Mathematical models based on ANOVA analysis are also developed. The validity of these models hasbeen demonstrated using χ2-test.


Elastane percentage;Elastane yarn count;Interface pressure;Knitted fabric;Polyamide 6-6 fibre;Stitch length

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