Effect of retwisting parameters of splicing on the retained splice strength

Berlin Jinu, C K ; Thangamani, K


Effect of three crucial parameters of splicing, exclusivelyrelated to retwisting operation of splicing, namely air pressure,retwisting time and overlapping length on retained splicestrength (RSS) has been studied. During this study, theparameters related to untwisting are kept constant based on thevisual untwisting performance. Three-factor three-level Box-Behnken design is employed on three different cotton yarncounts (20s Ne, 40s Ne and 60s Ne), produced by ring spinning.Interactive effects of parameters have also been analyzedthrough contour plots and optimization conditions are achievedusing the statistical software called Minitab. The optimizationconditions can be used as a guide to set the splicer parameters. Itis observed that average retained splice strength of the yarnincreases with the increase in yarn count. Higher RSS can beobtained with the combination of lower compressed air pressurewith relatively higher retwisting time.


Cotton yarn;Pneumatic splicing;Retained splice strength;Retwisting time;Ring spinning;Splicing airpressure

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