Influence of tuck stitch in course direction on thermal comfort characteristics of layered knitted fabrics

Senthilkumar, P ; Suganthi, T


The thermal comfort characteristics of bi-layer knitted fabrics have been studied for shuttle badminton sportswear. Bilayerknitted fabrics are developed by changing tuck position in course direction such as 6, 10, 14 and 18 course repeat,keeping the tuck on 12th wale the same. It is observed that the greater the distance between successive tuck points, the betterwill be the air, heat and moisture transfer properties. Bi-layer knitted fabric with slack structure facilitates lower thicknessand mass per unit area, and exhibits better thermal comfort characteristics. By wear trial method, bi-layer knitted fabric withtuck on 18th course and 12th wale shows good rating compared to other bi-layer knitted fabrics. The results are discussed at95% significant level with ANOVA analysis and Friedman one-way analysis of variance.


Bi-layer knitted fabric;Microfibre;Polyester;Sportswear;Thermal comfort;Tuck stitch;Wear trial

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