Vol 44, No 2 (2019)


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Application of newly developed fibre orientation measurement techniques for needle-punched nonwoven PDF
Roy, Rupayan ; Ishtiaque, S M 131-140
Comparison of different synthesis methods for immobilization of magnetite nanoparticles on hydrolysed polyester fabric PDF
Mirjalili, Mohammad 141-147
Effect of fibre composition on essential properties of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics as secondary layer for composite wound dressings PDF
Sasikala, L ; Rathinamoorthy, R ; Durai, Bhaarathi 148-154
Effect of fibre composition on essential properties of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics as secondary layer for composite wound dressings PDF
Galav, Lekhraj ; Mukhopadhyay, Samrat ; Deopura, B L 155-162
Influence of tuck stitch in course direction on thermal comfort characteristics of layered knitted fabrics PDF
Senthilkumar, P ; Suganthi, T 163-172
Novel device to measure multi-directional wicking of elastic knitted fabric for active sportswear PDF
Raja, D ; PriyaLatha, S ; Senthilkumar, M 173-179
Numerical analysis of free folding of flat textile products and proposal of new test concerning bending rigidity PDF
Szablewski, Piotr ; Korycki, Ryszard 180-187
Extraction of sunnhemp fibre and its properties PDF
Vanishree, S ; Mahale, Geeta ; Vastrad, Jyoti V ; Babalad, H B 188-192
Physical and thermal characterization of natural fibre extracted from Caryota urens spadix fibre PDF
Yamuna Devi, S ; Grace Annapoorani, S 193-198
Effect of ecofriendly coating and treatment on mechanical, thermal and morphological properties of sisal fibre PDF
Sahu, Parul ; Gupta, M K 199-204
Two-body abrasive behavior of areca sheath fibre reinforced polyvinyl alcohol composites PDF
Nayak, Subhakanta ; Mohanty, Jyotiranjan 205-209
Synthesis, characterization and application of eco-friendly lavender oil microcapsules on cotton PDF
Chakraborty, J N; Kumar, Ashish 210-216
Effect of different mercerization techniques on tactile comfort of cotton fabric PDF
Patil, Sharmila ; Mahapatra, Archana ; Gotmare, V D; Patil, P G; Bharimalla, A K; Arputharaj, A 217-222
Optimization of enzymatic process for preparation of absorbent cotton PDF
Mageshwaran, V ; Satankar, Varsha ; Jagajanantha, P 223-229
Thermodynamics and kinetics of cashmere dyeing with metal complex dye PDF
Arildii, Dashjargal ; Bazarvaani, Amarzaya ; Davaasambuu, Sarangerel 230-237

Short Communication

Burning behavior of aramid and FR viscose blended fabrics PDF
Sonee, Noopur ; Arora, Chitra ; Parmar, M S 238-243
Cotton fibre humidification at cotton ginneries PDF
Gulyaev, R A; Mardonov, B M; Lugachev, A E 244-247
Regeneration of cellulose acetate nanofibrous mat from discarded cigarette butts PDF
Hemamalini, Thillaipandian ; Karunakaran, S A; Siva Elango, M K ; Senthilram, T ; Giri Dev, V R 248-252

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR)