Physicochemical characterization of natural hydroxyapatite/ cellulose composite

Alghamdi, Majed M; Awwad, Nasser S; Al-Shara'ey, Abdullah A AL-Karim; Abd-Rabboh, Hisham S M; Keshk, Sherif M A S


The natural hydroxyapatite (HAp, activated at different temperatures)/ cellulose composites have been prepared by usingsonication method to improve the physical properties of the cellulose fibre. The molecular level interaction and the physicalproperties of the hydroxyapatite/cellulose composite are examined using FTIR, X-ray diffraction, SEM, and thermalanalysis. The absorption bands at around 660 cm1 confirm the O–P–O bending vibration in the HAp/cellulose composites.There is a difference in the d-spacing of the HAp /cellulose composite, indicating that the HAp is reactive towards cellulose.SEM indicates that HAp could penetrate the cellulose network structure to form particles that is helpful to improve themechanical properties of the cellulose. The porosities of HAp/cellulose composites decrease, and their compressive strengthincrease as compared to those of cellulose. Thermogravimetric analysis confirms the highest thermal stability of theprepared composites.


Cellulose;Composite;Hydroxyl appatite;Sonication method;Thermal analysis;X-ray diffraction

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