Sea water for reactive dyeing of cottonfabrics

Devanand, G ; Parthiban, M


In this research work, trials have been taken up with sea water,as an alternative, for dyeing of cotton with different shades of reactivedye and different salt level contents. Dyeing has been carried out withhot brand reactive dye Red H8B using normal water, RO water andsea water (with and without salt). It is inferred that the exhaustion andfixation of the dye are better in case of sea water dyeing. The wash,rub and perspiration fastness are good for sea water dyeing and insome cases the ratings are comparable and in most case the ratings aresimilar to that of the ground water and RO water dyeing.


Cotton;Dyeing;Electrolyte load;Fastness rating;Red H8B;RO water;Sea water

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