Transmittance behaviour of curtain fabrics under natural lighting conditions

Kumar, S Suresh; Midha, Vinay Kumar; Kumari, Alpa ; Gupta, Upma ; Singla, Shruti


The light transmittance behaviour of four different coloured curtain fabrics has been studied under natural lightingconditions (morning, afternoon and evening). The intensity of incident sunlight and transmitted light from the samples aremeasured using Luxmeter, in an enclosed black chamber. The percentage of transmitted light is calculated with reference tothe incident sunlight, to study the influence of colour and number of fabric layers. It is observed that the transmittancebehaviour of curtain fabrics is highly influenced by its colour due to the spectrum of colours, which is followed by theinfluence of number of layers and sunlight conditions. Further, the transmittance % of curtain is also influenced by thewavelength of incident sunlight.


Curtain fabric;Disperse dye;Dyeing;Transmittance behaviour;Polyester fabric

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