Design and development of electronic jacquard for Korai mat weaving loom

Badari Nath, K ; Nayak, Shantharam ; Ambareesh, Revanur ; Ganesan, S ; Reddy, C Srinivasa


A low-cost computerised mat weaving handloom has beendeveloped. After successful field trials at the client locations,300% increase in productivity is observed. Now any weaver canweave mat of any design within 2 days instead of 6-8 days,increasing their earning per mat. Easy to use pedallingmechanism, electronic jacquard and the software tool aredeveloped. This innovation facilitates electronic design storage,eliminates recurring cost on punched cards and the weaverdependence on designers while weaving marriage mats. The welldesigned pedalling and jacquard lifting mechanism results inbetter ergonomics. The system is designed to operate with powerof just 75 watt, so that it can be driven by solar power.


Electronic jacquard;Fine Korai mat;Handloom;Weaving;Pathamadai Pai

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