Compression and strength behaviour of viscose/polypropylene nonwoven fabrics

Asanovic, Koviljka A; Kostic, Mirjana M; Mihailovic, Tatjana V; Cerovic, Dragana D


Compression and strength properties of viscose/polypropylene nonwoven fabrics has been studied. Compressionbehavior of the nonwoven samples (sample compressibility, sample thickness loss & sample compressive resilience) havebeen analyzed considering the magnitude of applied pressure, fabric weight, fabric thickness, and the porosity of thesamples. Based on the calculated porosity of the samples, pore compression behavior (pore compressibility, porosity loss &pore compressive resilience) are determined. Equations for the determination of pore compressibility, porosity loss, and porecompressive resilience, are established. Tensile strength and elongation as well as bursting strength and ball traverseelongation are also determined. The results show that the sample compression behavior as well as pore compressionbehavior depend on the magnitude of applied pressure. At the high level of applied pressure, a sample with highercompressibility has the lower sample compressive resilience. Differences in pore compressibility and porosity loss betweeninvestigated samples have also been registered, except in pore compressive resilience. Sample with the higher fabric weight,higher thickness, and lower porosity shows the lower sample compressibility, pore compressibility, sample thickness loss,porosity loss, and tensile elongation, but the higher tensile strength, bursting strength, and ball traverse elongation.


Compression properties;Nonwoven fabrics;Porosity;Strength properties;Viscose/polypropylene

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