Development of fully automatic powerlooms (Anugraha Tejas) for coir geotextiles

Vivek, G ; Neeraj, M ; Hareesh, H ; Ajith, G ; Gireesh Kumar, G ; Renjith Kumar, K K; Ravindranatha, Anita Das


A fully automatic powerloom ( Anugraha-Tejas) has beendesigned and developed. In this automatic power loom, the humanintervention has been completely ignored, letting the machinesand mechanisms to take over the mass production of geotextiles.The treadles of the wooden loom are replaced by pneumaticpedals making the work less complicated. This loom can functionby one person skilled or unskilled. As it does not involve heavywork, it can be easily operated by women also. The loom isversatile and cost effective.


Coir fibre;Biological degradation;Geotextiles;Organic fibre;Powerloom;Soil erosion

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