Synthesis, characterization and application of eco-friendly lavender oil microcapsules on cotton

Chakraborty, J N; Kumar, Ashish


In this study, lavender oil microcapsules have been synthesized, characterized and then applied on cotton fabric throughpadding followed by drying and curing. The treated samples are evaluated for wash fastness, tensile strength, stiffness, andthe most important, release rate from treated fabric. Most of the synthesized microcapsules are found in the range of10-30 microns. Cross-linking with DETA shows improvement in the shell morphology with slow release of lavender fromtreated fabric. Stiffness of the treated fabric increases proportionately with increase in concentration of microcapsules withsimultaneous fall in strength.


Cotton;Lavender oil;Microencapsulation;Release rate;Wash fastness

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