Effect of alkali treatment on physical properties of banana fibre

Vardhini, K J Vishnu ; Murugan, R ; Rathinamoorthy, R


Banana fibres have been treated with NaOH at 10, 15 and 20% concentrations and its effect on chemical composition,and physical, morphological, structural and thermal properties are studied. The raw and alkali-treated fibres have beeninvestigated for diameter, density, moisture regain, colour, surface characteristics, functional groups analysis, crystallinity offibres and thermal behavior. The treated fibres show improvement in cellulose content, lignin removal, tenacity,crystallinity, and thermal resistance till 10% concentration, and after that no improvement is observed beyond 15%. Colourhas turned the fibre towards darker side slightly aesthetically unappealing. It is noted that the 15% NaOH concentration isoptimum for treating banana fibres used as reinforcement.


Alkali treatment;Banana fibre;Single fibre strength;Thermal analysis

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