Moisture management properties of eri silk knitted fabrics

Kumar, B Senthil ; Kumar, M Ramesh ; Ramachandran, T ; Parthiban, M


Moisture management and wicking properties of eri silk knitted fabrics have been studied. Three different knit structures,namely single jersey, single pique and honeycomb, have been developed with the combination of two different yarn countand tightness level. The fabrics developed are analyzed in terms of wetting time, spreading speed, absorption rate, andmaximum wetting radius, accumulative one way transport index (AOTI) and overall moisture management capacity(OMMC). It is discerned that the variables, such as yarn count, fabric tightness and knitting structure, have a significantinfluence on the wicking and moisture management properties. The OMMC indexes of eri silk knitted fabric are found torange from ‘very good’ to “excellent’ category, which indicates the suitability of eri silk yarn to skin fit as well as activewear applications.


Eri silk;Honeycomb;Knitted fabric;Moisture management;Pique;Single jersey;Wicking

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