Influence of winding parameters on yarn content and package geometry of wound packages

Koranne, Milind V; Kanade, Pragnya S; Pratihar, Prabir ; Madnavat, Deepak H


This study is aimed at evaluating the step-precision assemblywinding in terms of its potential to accommodate maximum yarncontent on a given size of tube. The influence of various parametersrelated to step-precision winding on yarn content and packagegeometry of a close step-precision wound package has been studied.The outcome of this study is presumed to be very useful tomanufacturers of winding as well as buyers of assembly windingsystems. Step-precision winding parameters, like coil angle at start,angle up to which it is allowed to change and the number ofdiamonds along the circumference (Y value), influence yarn contenton package; lower values of start angle and Y but higher value ofchange angle give increased yarn content. At the same time, it isalso observed that the package with lower start angle and higherchange angle give greater projection of package side flanks.


Assembly winding;Package geometry;Precisionwinding;Random winding;Step-precision winding;Winding parameters;Wound package;Yarn

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