Fabric comfort by modifying yarn structure: Part I – Study on structural changes by cross-sectional microtomy of yarn

Ishtiaque, S M ; Mawkhlieng, Unsanhame ; Yadav, V K


A study has been carried out to engineer the fabric comfort by modifying the internal yarn structure through spinningprocess parameters. The yarn packing density is found to be one of most influential factors of yarn structure, which governsthe comfort aspect of the textile material. The work reported here mainly deals with the influence of ring frame processparameters, i.e. spindle speed, twist and draft, on mechanics of yarn structure. It is evident that an increase in spindle speed,twist multiplier and draft decreases the yarn diameter and accordingly increases the packing density. The reduction in yarndiameter is found to be maximum with the increase of draft followed by twist multiplier and spindle speed. The yarnpacking density also follows the similar trend. The radial packing density of considered yarns is neither uniform across theyarn cross-section nor maximum near the yarn axis. The maximum packing density is noticed at some distance from theyarn axis and it decreases further towards yarn surface. In general, yarns do not possess maximum packing density near yarnaxis. It is observed that considered process parameters significantly influence the packing in core, intermediate and surfacezone of the yarns.


Fabric comfort;Packing density;Radial packing density;Spindle speed;Twist multiplier;Yarn microtomy;Yarn diameter;Yarn structure

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