Fabric comfort by modifying yarn structure: Part II—Low-stress mechanical, thermal and transmission characteristics of fabrics

Ishtiaque, S M ; Mawkhlieng, Unsanhame ; Yadav, V K


The present study aims at investigating the influence of yarn structure, modified through process parameters of ringframe (spindle speed, twist multiplier and ring frame draft), on low-stress mechanical, thermal properties and transmissionproperties of fabric. It is observed that the structural changes influence thermal, transmission and low-stress mechanicalcharacteristics of fabrics due to change in fabric porosity and thickness. In general, the bending and compression propertiesincrease but shear and surface properties of the fabrics decrease with the increase in spindle speed, twist multiplier and draft.The study further reveals that air permeability, thermal absorptivity, thermal diffusivity, heat conductivity and moisturetransmission properties increase but thermal resistance decreases with the increase in spinning process parameters.


Cotton fibre;Fabric comfort;Low-stress mechanical properties;Packing density;Radial packing density;Thermal properties;Transmission properties;Yarn structure

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