Effects of some acids, bases and salts on the morphology of polyurethane nanofibres

Kılıç, Esra ; Pekel Bayramgil, Nursel


The polyurethane nanofibres have been prepared by electrospinning and the effects of different types of acids, bases, and salts on nanofibre diameters within the polyurethane solutions are studied. Nanofibre diameters are measured with the SEM and the changes in nanofibre morphology are investigated by considering the electrical conductivity, viscosity, and surface tensions of dopants. Deterioration is observed in the nanofibre morphology in the presence of acid, whereas the nanofibres obtained in the presence of salt are found smoother, longer and thinner. Homogeneous, fine and smooth nanofibres are obtained from salt-doped polyurethane solutions.


Electrical conductivity;Electrospinning;Fibre morphology;Nanofibre;Polyurethane

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