Effect of elastane-cotton core-spun yarn liveliness on woven modified mock leno fabric properties

Badbade, P R; Raja, E Deepak; Hegaje, A K


The present study is aimed at accessing the impact of elastane core liveliness on physical and mechanical properties of elastane-cotton core-spun yarn fabric. The yarn liveliness is altered by changing draw ratio on ring frame and thus the elastane core % in the yarn. The 4 samples of 30s Ne elastane core-spun cotton yarn have been produced using 40 den elastane having 5, 7, 9 and 11% elastane core adjusted by using suitable draw ratio on ring frame. These elastane core-spun cotton yarns are used in weft direction to produce fabric sample. These fabric samples are tested for various physical and mechanical properties as per ASTM standards. The findings reveal that the yarn core liveliness has significant effect on various physical and mechanical properties of fabric


Air permeability;Core-spun yarn;Draw ratio;Elastane-cotton yarn;Mock leno fabric;Tensile strength;Tear strength

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