Mechanical properties of synthetic leather reinforced with woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics

Rahimi, Saeideh ; Ahmadi, M S


In this research, synthetic leather samples have been produced using polyvinyl chloride film and three types of reinforcing polyester fibre fabrics, namely woven, knitted, and nonwoven, with similar areal weights. The samples are then subjected to tensile, trapezoid tear and bursting tests. The effect of structural parameters of the reinforcing fabrics on the mentioned properties has been analyzed and discussed. Based on the results, woven fabric reinforced leathers show the highest tensile and bursting strength, followed by knitted and nonwoven fabrics reinforced ones respectively. The highest tear strength value is observed in the nonwoven reinforced samples.



Backing fabric;Laminated fabric;Mechanical properties;Synthetic leather;Nonwoven;Polyvinyl chloride film

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