Effect of process parameters on tensile properties of cotton sewing thread used in reinforcement layer of drafting aprons

Midha, Vinay Kumar; Gupta, Neeraj ; Verma, Sushma


In this study, the influence of different process variables on mechanical properties of cotton thread to be used as reinforcement thread has been investigated and the conditions for imparting minimum elongation and maximum tenacity are identified. Single yarn twist, plied yarn twist and mercerization stretch are optimized based on the responses evaluated. The optimization of the parameters has been carried out by using response surface methodology. It is observed that the thread elongation is significantly affected by mercerization stretch setting followed by single yarn twist and plied yarn twist. Tenacity of reinforced thread is highly influenced by plied yarn twist than that of mercerization stretch setting and single yarn twist. Optimized conditions for single yarn twist, plied yarn twist and mercerization stretch are 769turns/m, 767turns/m and 2.5% respectively.


Cotton;Drafting apron;Mercerization stretch setting;Plied yarn twist;Single yarn twist;Sewing thread

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