Application of air-vortex thread in sewing operation

Sowmmiya, S ; Das, Subrata


Attempts have been made to use air-vortex spun yarn of 30s and 40s count as sewing thread by using 2.9% and 5.9% concentrations of lubricant. Yarn strength, elongation, hairiness, dry heat shrinkage, yarn abrasion, snarling of yarn after heat setting, loop strength and knot strength of air-vortex spun sewing threads have been studied. It is observed that the sewing thread made with 5.9% concentration of lubricant performs better in comparison to that made with 2.9% lubrication level. Seam strength and efficiency of different types of seam made by air-vortex sewing threads have also been studied. Flat and lapped seams are found to produce higher seam strength and seam efficiency. Seam strength and efficiency improve with increase in the concentration of lubricant in both 30S and 40S yarn. Sewing performance of threads has also been analysed by testing seam strength, seam efficiency and thread breakage during sewing.



Cotton;Polyester;Sewing thread;Seam strength;Vortex yarn;Yarn hairiness

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