Influence of seam structural parameters on seam strength under unidirectional and multi-directional load exertions


Mousazadegan, Fatemeh ; Ezazshahabi, Nazanin ; Moghaddam, Zahra Rastegar


In the present study, seam failure mechanism has been investigated as a result of fabric exposure to unidirectional and multi-directional loads, considering the seam structural parameters, such as stitch type and length. To this end, three common groups of fabrics, namely worsted, shirting and dress woven, have been examined and the effect of seam properties and its interaction with fabric type is analysed through the measurement of seam’s unidirectional and multi-directional strengths and the seam efficiency. The results show that stitch type and length have a significant effect on the tensile properties of seams. Suitable selection of stitching parameters can enhance the seam performance at unidirectional and multi-directional loadings and improvement of the seam efficiency.



Bursting strength;Stitch type;Stitch density;Seam efficiency;Tensile strength

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