Vol 46, No 3 (2021)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

Table of Contents


Seam elongation behavior of knitted fabrics due to donning-doffing.


Choudhary, A K; Chauhan, Roopam 205-212

Synergizing effect of poly quaternary ammonium salts and metal oxides nanoparticles on wool and wool/polyester fabrics


Abo El Ola, Samiha Mohamed; Al Balakocy, Naser G; El-Bendary, Magda A; Mwafy, Eman A 213-220

Effect of yarn twist on tensile strength, abrasion and pilling resistance of plain-woven cotton fabric

Ayele, Million ; Merga, Yohannes ; Yilma, Amarech ; Yilie, Derseh 221-224

Properties of air-vortex blended yarn influenced by spinning process parameters


Tripathi, Lekhani ; Jain, Manya ; Ishtiaque, S M 225-240
Use of citric acid-plasticized polyvinyl alcohol for cotton warp yarns cold sizing


Rahmouni, Asma ; Maatoug, Sameh ; Ladhari, Neji 241-250

Influence of seam structural parameters on seam strength under unidirectional and multi-directional load exertions


Mousazadegan, Fatemeh ; Ezazshahabi, Nazanin ; Moghaddam, Zahra Rastegar 251-259
Development of textile nanocomposites with thermal energy storage capability PDF
Onder, Emel ; Sarier, Nihal 260-268

Energy consumption analysis of electrostatically assisted flat and tubular based filtration test rigs using polyester conductive media

Dutta, Sudev ; Mukhopadhyay, Arunangshu ; Choudhary, A K; Reddy, C C 269-274

Effect of filler loading and orientation on alkali-treated cornhusk film reinforced epoxy laminate composites


Singh, Harwinder ; Chatterjee, A 275-286

Extraction and characterization of microcrystalline cellulose from Apocynum venetum

Halim, A F M Fahad 287-292

Temperature and moisture responsive nanocomposite treated polyester fabric for smart bagging recovery


Memis, Nazife Korkmaz; Kaplan, Sibel 293-302

Antibacterial cotton functionalized with olive oil for developing medical textiles


Sadannavar, Mohmadarslan Kutubuddin; Luo, Yan ; Huang, Jialei ; Cao, Chuanzhi ; Fan, Chunying ; Manj, Rana Zafar Abbas; Khan, Atta ur Rehman 303-310

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR)