Theoretical and experimental methods of dynamic clothing pressure performance

Yongrong, Wang ; Peihua, Zhang ; Yuan, Yao


A dynamic pressure measuring system has been developed in this study. This system can be used for static pressure measuring, real-time dynamic pressure measuring and pressure fatigue analysis. A 3D geometric model on fabric deformation as well as mechanical behavior has been developed, which can be used for simulating the fabric elongation during dynamic pressing, and to deduce relationship between the press depth and fabric elongation. The process parameters of measuring system have been systematically estimated and analyzed. The range of press depth fixed for dynamic pressure measurement is found to be 58-115 mm, which responds to the fabric elongation from 10% to 40%. The press velocity at 100 mm/min is considered as the optional one for dynamic pressure measurement. Five repeated test cycles can be satisfied to assess the dynamic pressure fatigue performance quickly.


Cotton fabric;Dynamic pressure;Geometrical model;Spandex fabric

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