Vol 40, No 1 (2015)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

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Comfort properties of plated knitted fabrics with varying fibre type PDF
Jhanji, Yamini ; Gupta, Deepti ; Kothari, V K 11-18
Modelling of sound absorption properties of sisal fibre reinforced paper pulp composites using regression model PDF
Tholkappiyan, E ; Saravanan, D ; Jagasthitha, R ; Angeswari, T ; Surya, V T 19-24
Modification of viscose fabrics to impart permanent antimicrobial activity PDF
El-Sayed, A Atef; Salama, M ; Dorgham, Sohad M; Kantouch, A 25-30
Comparison of polyester-cotton blended yarns produced by blending of polyester with semi-combed and super-carded cotton fibres PDF
Subramanian, S ; Vaidheeswaran, S ; Pradeep, S ; Uthaman, P 31-35
Effect of blend composition on tensile properties of blended Dref-III yarns PDF
Chaudhuri, Atin ; Majumdar, P K 36-42
Comparison between physical properties of ring-spun yarn and compact yarns spun from different pneumatic compacting systems PDF
Almetwally, Alsaid Ahmed; Mourad, M M; Hebeish, Ali Ali; Ramadan, Mohamed A 43-50
Microwave-assisted antimicrobial finishing of wool fabric with chitosan derivative PDF
Xue, Zhao 51-56
Use of glucose as an ecofriendly reducing sugar in the application of sulphur dyes -Comparative study with traditional reducing agent PDF
Baffoun, Ayda ; Hamdaoui, Mohamed ; Romdhani, Zouheir 57-61
Enzymatic dyeing and functional finishing of textile fibres with ferulic acid PDF
Sun, Sha-Sha ; Xing, Tieling ; Tang, Ren-Cheng 62-69
Sericin based bioactive coating for polyester fabric PDF
Gupta, Deepti ; Chaudhary, Harshita ; Gupta, Charu 70-80
Optimization of silk yarn hierarchical structure by genetic algorithm to design scaffolds PDF
Naghashzargar, Elham ; Semnani, Dariush ; Karbasi, Saeed 81-86
Identification of handloom and powerloom fabrics using proximal support vector machines PDF
Ghosh, Anindya ; Guha, Tarit ; Bhar, R B 87-93

Short Communication

Theoretical and experimental methods of dynamic clothing pressure performance PDF
Yongrong, Wang ; Peihua, Zhang ; Yuan, Yao 94-99
Woven design data transmission using TTL logic for 128 hooks electronic cardless jacquard PDF
Kumaravelu, R ; Poornima, S ; Kasthuri, N 100-104
Antibacterial finish of textile using papaya peels derived silver nanoparticles PDF
Agarwal, Rashi ; Garg, Neelam ; Kashyap, Sonu Rani; Chauhan, R P 105-107
Extraction procedure and tensile properties of Dharbai and Christmas palm natural fibres PDF
Sundaram, S Kalyana; Jaybal, S 108-111

Review Paper

Performance of terry towel PDF
Singh, J P; Behera, B K 112-121

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR)